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Tyre racks – Intelligent tyre warehouse

Alpha tyre stack is a storage system that saves space and work. Each set of tyres is stored in a stack, separated on carrier arm, in a manner that ensures quick and easy handling. Thanks to the trolley attached to the tyres, they are handled without the need for manual lifting until the time of replacement. It?s a simple idea that ensures revolutionary effects. It’s a revolution in the scope of tyre storage – from design to installation.

System of tyre storage in Alpha stacks

There?s a possibility to adjust the height of the load shelves in order to make them match the most tyre dimensions used on the market. The recommended division is presented below. The width of passage between the frames is adjusted to the size of the premises. The recommended distance between the frames is 1400 mm for the manual stacker and 1600 mm for the electric stacker.

svenska lager tyre system k2 storage systems
svenska lager

Individual racks are available in all height options.

Trolley for tyres

Trolley handles the tyres placed on top of each other. Depending on the needs and wishes, the trolley is available with or without the wheel drive. Lifting and lowering is always carried out with the use of a hydraulic drive, which is adapted for operation in the cold warehouse.

The advantage of a manual drive is that there?s no need to acquire forklift licence.
Smooth (stepless) lifting and lowering, as well as oil adapted for use in low temperatures, are a standard in all trolleys.
The manual trolley has a drawbar and steering wheel system, which ensure precision in small spaces. In the case of electric trolley, the speed is automatically adjusted during loading and unloading. It?s comfortable and safe.

Manual trolley for tyres
Height up to 4,5 m and load capacity 200 kg. Drawbar and swivelling wheels in the standard.

Electric trolley for tyres
Height up to 5,5 m and load capacity 500kg. Automatic speed control during loading and unloading.

Attached trolley for tyres
It ensures ergonomics of work. The wheels are lifted only during replacement in a car.

Swedish manufacturer ? Svenska Lager

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