Storage racks

Do you wonder how to ergonomically manage space in your warehouse? We know that this is a matter of precision and automation, and our selected storage racks of the latest generation can help you with that.


K2 storage systems. If your company has a large quantity of palletised goods, we offer solid pallet racks in various variants, which can be freely adapted to the room restrictions. Pallet racks, just like all of our storage racks, are certified according to the Polish standards.

Our offer includes not only the most common row pallet racks, but also storage systems that require the use of the latest technological solutions, i.e. flow pallets of CART -PUSH -BACK type, which allow for storing up to 6 pallet load units in the slot.


Do you have oversized and long materials, such as rods, pipes or plates? It’s not a problem anymore. We offer cantilever racks, which consist of vertical load bearing posts. Cold rolled steel was used for the production of these cantilever racks and they are anchored to the ground with the use of chemical anchors.


It?s an original technology that allows you to use flow racks in the situations, when you are dealing with products characterized by limited durability. Thanks to the roller treadmills and the use of gravity, the goods stored in flow racks are loaded from one side and unloaded on the other side. It saves your time, work, as well as storage space.


Do you want to optimally use available storage space, while maintaining the maximum protection for delicate products? In such case, we recommend a drive-in solution, which allows accessing the palletised goods from both sides of a drive-in pallet rack. Drive-in pallet racks have the form of narrow hallways, along which the pallets are placed on profiled load bearing rails with the use of forklifts. Each centimetre of available space will be appropriately used, thanks to the application of profiled system of frames and crossbars.


Automatic storage racks – k2 storage systems. How to increase the efficiency of production processes? Automatic storage racks are the answer. The reduction of costs associated with storage and human work, automation of processes of handling, storage and shipping, as well as the maximum use of available space, are the key benefits of using the automatic storage racks.


k2 storage systems racks. Do you run a store or wholesale? Traditional storage racks are the necessary solution in the case of this type of business activity. We put emphasis on their strength, so regardless of the degree of loading capacity, they won?t damage the floor. These aesthetic and adaptable shelf racks will allow you to store any quantity of goods, even in the case of limited storage space.