Our offer

Our company offers services in the scope of installation and service of storage systems. We specialize in the handling of automatic storage systems with electric connection. As one of the few companies in Poland, we install LogiMat? lift racks – a practical solution with minimum surface requirements.

We also install and service the support systems, high storage systems and systems with guiding rails for forklifts. Also, we provide the companies with periodic inspections of storage racks and comprehensive relocations of warehouses.


Always when you start a new project, one of the most important challenges is the selection of the appropriate staff. K2 Storage Systems provides professional support, management supervision and organization of working time. Construction managers, assembly managers and installers have all the necessary authorizations, permissions and skills, in order to precisely and timely complete your project.


What?s the secret of Amazon’s success? First and foremost, the high storage warehouses require precision. You have to take into account each centimetre in order to ensure the storage of large amount of goods in a relatively limited space.


We specialize in the latest storage systems, which are fully automated. Our employees install and automate LogiMat? lift racks. The rack control system can be supplemented with a simple Logisoft software or integrated with other devices for storage, delivery and order picking of accessories. Regardless of whether you require assembling the storage systems, you need help in the scope of their selection or maintenance, the specialists from K2 Storage Systems are ready to solve even the most complex problems related to the storage of goods.


  1. Did you put emphasis on maximum saving of storage space and did you decide to get high storage racks? What’s next? In such case, you are in need of specialists who know how to mount selected racks in your warehouse, in order to ensure the safety of your employees and to apply the principles of ergonomics.


  1. The service of storage racks is a legal requirement, but it also results from a simple economic calculation. Thanks to the regular service of the storage racks, their useful life is extended.


  1. Do you care about the safety of your employees? Regular inspections of storage racks carried out by specialists, who know the strengths and weaknesses of storage equipment, will help you to avoid losses of goods and dangerous accidents.


  1. Are you changing your headquarters? Does your business need more storage space? Do you need a quick and professional dismantling of storage racks? Know-how of our staff enables us to disassemble storage racks in such manner that their subsequent assembly will be just a matter of following the guidelines.